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Foton Lovol FR85-7 Hydraulic Excavators

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Foton Lovol FR85-7 Hydraulic Excavators
Foton Lovol FR85-7 Hydraulic Excavators Features:

Specs: Engine power: 56.5Kw, Operating Weight:8.5T,Bucket capacity: 0.35 m3

FR85-7 small-scale hydraulic excavator is positioned as high-end and load-sensing system and it enjoys high-end system configuration, in addition to integrating heavy-duty equipment’s digging force and light equipment’s preciseness. Among the same models of products, FR85-7 small-scale hydraulic excavator boasts of the largest power, shape and bucket capacity and higher working efficiency. FR85-7 can be widely applied in medium & small-scale working conditions, and its high efficiency can be manifested from construction projects featuring higher requirements, larger earth volume & excavating volume, and complicated landform and narrow field.

Main features:
1. High-end product configuration
Imported Japanese Yanmar 4TNV98 engine
Imported German Bosch Rexroth main pump
Imported German Bosch Rexroth main control valve
2. Advanced design philosophy
1)Equipped with bulldozer shovel, dual-tank, protection cover, in order to strengthen bulldozing force and efficiently protect fuel tank.
2)The lower frame’s beam is tilting, which helps reduce travel resistance and dust accumulation, and it is favorable for protecting travel system.
3. Comfortable operation environment
1) Unique dormant window provides you with soft light without need of opening it.
2) Surround sound audio system is embedded on both sides of the top driver cab, which provides relaxing atmosphere.
3) Electrical throttle is convenient and reliable, and equipped with large-power leisure audio equipment
4) Space for tool kit is reserved, and ash-tray and cub holder are placed near right hand, which is safe and convenient.
5) Specially equipped with warm-air defrost equipment, the operation is free from different seasons’ influence; the sundries box is rear-placed, which is convenient and practical.
6) Equipped with pointer-type colorful monitor, and the operation data is displayed in real time, seat reading brings convenience.




Parameter ItemsParameter Value
Performance parameter 
Rated power(kW/rpm)56.5/2200
Operating weight(Kɡ)8500
Standard bucket capacity(m3)0.36
Slewing speed(Rpm)11.5
Traveling speed(km/h)5.0/2.6
Bucket digging force(KN)55
Arm digging force(KN)38
Maximum traction force(KN)61
Creeping performance O30
System capacity 
Fuel tank(kL)110
Hydraulic tan(kL)93
Blade size(W×H)(mm)2320×424
Ground pressure(Kpa)38
Main size 
A、Overall width of upper part(mm)2120
B、Overall width of driver cab(mm)1030
C、Overall height of driver cab(mm)2710
D、Minimum ground clearance(mm)390
E、Track gauge(mm)1870
F、Overall width of crawler(mm)2320
G、distance between the center of guiding wheel and that of driving wheel(mm)2240
H、Crawler length(mm)2900
I、Level height of balance weight(mm)810
J、Full length(mm)6330
Operation range 
Boom length(mm)3100
Arm length(mm)1800
A、Maximum digging range(mm)6695
B、Maximum digging depth(mm)4030
C、Maximum digging height(mm)6380
D、Maximum dumping height(mm)4390
Hydraulic system 
Main pump 
TypeVariable displacement axial piston pump
Maximum flow rate165/min
Pilot pump 
Maximum flow rate 
Swing motor 
Relief valve200bar
Relief valve 
Boom, arm, bucket280bar
Travel circle280bar
|- Photo of Foton Lovol Crawler Excavator 
Foton Lovol Crawler Excavator 

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