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Foton Lovol FL956F Wheel Loaders

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Foton Lovol FL956F Wheel Loaders
FL956F Wheel Loader Features:

Main Specs: Engine power: 164Kw/162Kw,Rated Load: 5000 Kg,Bucket: 3 m3

On the basis of world advanced technologies, Foton Lovol researched and developed FL956F loader (the leading product among the new generation of loaders) by employing 3D technical design. For this, Foton Lovol comprehensively referred to the strong points of its counterparts at home and abroad, and it leveraged overseas & domestic product technologies and management technology resources.

Main features:
1. Long loader body ensures stable and comfortable operation, and single swinger arm horizontal boom cylinder provides large digging force;
2. Dual-pump convergence and priority flow amplifying features fuel-saving and fast speed;
3. Equipped with bridge (manufactured by Xuzhou Meritor) and gearbox (manufactured by Hangzhou Advance);
4. Environmentally-friendly and powerful, meeting Euro I Emission Standard;
5. Strengthened frame and chassis are made of thickened steel plate, featuring durable;
6. International top-class body shape design technology and unique exterior packing design;
7. High-grade internal decoration provides car-like enjoyment, manifesting human-centric design philosophy;
8. Human-centric driver cab provides additional functions like tool kit, document bag and warm-air fan.
9. Central articulated frame ensures flexible turning performance.




Parameter ItemsParameter Value
Outer size(L×W×H, mm)7935×2980×3450
Axle base(mm)3250
Dumping height(mm)3180
Dumping reach(mm)1180
Maximum steering angle (°)right left37±1
Tipping load(kN)100
Engine power(上柴C6121, kw)162
Rated bucket capacity (m3)3
Maximum excavating force(kN)165
Maximum traction force (kN)165
Noise nearby the driver(dB)≤90
Cycle time(s) 
Lifting time5.7
Falling time3.9
Dumping time1
Total time10.6

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FL956F wheel loader 

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